Digital Marketing for Home Services Businesses

Digital Marketing for Home Services Businesses

Email Marketing

Grow Your Business Through Email Marketing

According to a study done by ADigital, 81% of users check their email several times a day, making email marketing a channel with one of the highest returns on investment (ROI).

Promote Your Business with Email Marketing

Email Marketing Agency Services by ServMark Digital

The Best Channel for Driving Direct Response - Email Marketing for Home services

ServMark Digital Agency focuses on implementing email marketing as a part of our clients’ online business growth strategy. We leverage email marketing for your business strategy because approximately 3.9 billion people use email every day to communicate. Email Marketing is a powerful, yet simple tool that will help your business grow.

We segment, target, and personalize your campaigns using rich behavioral data and attributes to optimize email messages so you hit your business goals. We also know how each message performs by seeing open, click, and reply rates, and tracking the true performance of a message all the way to the end.

Our efficient and strategic email campaigns deliver engaging content, fit your home services business objectives, and connect you with the right customers at the right moment to increase your sales and continue to grow your company and brand. Boost your Digital Marketing strategies by adding email marketing to your arsenal.

Send Impressive Emails That Power Big Results for your home services & remodeling business.

We create effective email marketing campaigns that:

Welcome New Contacts
Nurture Leads
Engage Your Audience
Expand Your Reach
Email Marketing Agency Services by ServMark Digital
Email Marketing Agency Services by ServMark Digital

Stay Consistently Connected

Email helps you stay connected with your customers consistently. Be it a simple, ‘Thank you’ ‘Welcome’ or a “Happy Birthday” note, to offering valuable information or promotional content, email is the easiest, most effective way to stay top of mind and let people know you value them.

Email ensures that everything you have to say or offer customers reaches them automatically and immediately. 

Our email marketing campaigns take your marketing efforts to the next level and drive meaningful results bringing in more, better qualified leads and new home services and remodeling customers.

email marketing Stats and Facts

Some top data-driven reasons to use email marketing for your business success.


Higher Conversion Rates

B2C marketers who connect with prospects through emails see conversion rates as high as 50%.

More Leads

The number one reported benefit of email marketing is more and better qualified leads.


Open Rates

The average open rate for welcome emails is 50% making them 86% more effective than newsletters.


Long-Term Engagement

Clients that receive a welcome email show 33% more long-term engagement with your practice.


Add New Clients

Email can nurture prospects to become new clients, new clients make 47% larger purchases.


Complete Online Synergy

Practices that send a series of emails see 13% more revenue then those that send just one welcome email.

WHY EMAIL IS VITAL IN YOUR home services & remodling contractor MARKETING STRATEGY

Email marketing is an excellent opportunity to reach targeted customers and generate revenue for your service business with an exceptionally high return on investment (ROI).

Highly Effective

It is Extremely Effective

Users often interact with emails before converting into clients, this translates into acquiring customers with definitive interest in your services.

High Level of Segmentation

We create highly segmented email lists, combine them with data and marketing automation, to launch personalized and dynamic email campaigns.

Perfect System for Testing

We A/B test multiple variables such as subject lines, CTAs, copy, etc. to find the most effective combinations for boosting your conversion rates.

Email marketing is great!

Flexible and Creative

Email allows us to experiment with different elements of your marketing strategy, including video, imagery, etc. and responds very well to mobile devices.

Adaptable email format

An Adaptable Format

We accomplish different objectives with tailored strategies, like increasing engagement rates, lead nurturing, and conversion rates to help your business grow.

Importance of Email Marketing for your home services & remodeling company

Email marketing allows service businesses to do a lot of different things, within one outlet and still delivers the highest return on investment (ROI) of any marketing strategy or channel.

Customer Loyalty through Email Marketing

Develop Customer Loyalty

Strong customer relationships require routine email marketing communications to generate brand loyalty while driving revenue. The cost of engaging with and marketing to existing customers using email campaigns is six to twelve times less expensive than other marketing channels, such as paid advertising or social media marketing. Targeted email marketing campaigns not only drive more business but also save you money.

Email Marketing Agency Services by ServMark Digital

Expand Your Reach

99% of email users check their inbox every day, 72% of email users check their inbox more than 6 times a day, with some checking as many as 25 times a day! 58%of email users check their email first thing in the morning, and 92% percent of email users have at least 1 email account. ServMark Digital Agency will help you reach your target audiences on any device with proven email campaigns that have further reach and greater customer engagement.

Connect with Different Audiences

Link To Different Audiences

Personalized communication is one of the many benefits of using email marketing to reach your target audience. Traditional marketing methods focus on delivering a broad message to a large audience. Emails allow you to offer unique discounts, personalized messages, and data-driven campaigns based on criteria such as birthdays, regions, and customer value. Reach different audiences with a personal touch to increase opportunities which convert into customers.

Track Your Analytics

We utilize software to gather data and analytics which provides valuable insight into the performance of your targeted email marketing efforts and campaigns. The standard reported metrics we deliver are email open rates, click rates and click-through rates (CTRs), bounce rates, and conversions. We decode the numbers and turn them into valuable applications on future email campaigns to better reach your audiences so you can add more customers.


Still not convinced email marketing is a terrific way to level up your business. These statistics prove just how valuable email marketing really is for your business. Whether you want to increase the number of new customers or strengthen your relationship with existing customers, email marketing gives you the tool to do so effectively at the lowest cost of any other digital marketing strategy with the highest average return on investment (ROI).

Great ROI

Great ROI

Email marketing has an average return of $42 for every $1 spent which is an astounding 4,200% ROI, making it one of the most effective digital marketing options available.

Extremely Popular

Email is the most popular mode of communication. 306 billion emails are sent every day.

Fast Influence

Reach your customers as fast as possible, on average 22% of emails are opened within the first hour of receiving them.


61% of consumers enjoy receiving promotional emails weekly, 38% of them, would like those emails to come even more frequently.

Mobile Reach

Email reaches your customers where they are — on their phone. Email open rates from mobile devices account for about 60% of email opens.


91% of US adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they have done business with.

New Customers

Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping your business acquire new customers.

Customer Retention

According to 80% of professionals, email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention.

Outperforms Social

Email marketing is less expensive and more likely to drive customer acquisition and sales than social media marketing.

ServMark Digital Agency Efficient, Effective Email Marketing Services for home services business & Remodeling contractors

Take advantage of email marketing for your service business. Communicate with your customers and prospects on a consistent basis. That is the expectation of companies today. We will help you meet those expectations by implementing email marketing campaigns that create a relationship between your business and your email subscribers.

Email Marketing Performance Audit and Strategy

  • Campaign and Template Review
  • Technical Review
  • Data Review
  • Program Review
  • Recommendations

Customized Template Design and Development

  • Exceptional Template Design
  • Able to Work with Email Service Provider (ESP) of Your Choice
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Compatibility With Top Email Clients

Email Marketing Management

  • Review of Marketing Goals and Targeting
  • Brand Guidelines and Asset Coordination
  • Campaign Design and Deployment
  • Ongoing List Maintenance
  • Campaign Tracking and Reporting
  • Ongoing Management and Optimization

Email Marketing Automation Management

  • Drip Marketing Campaign Sequences
  • Welcome Series
  • Customer Win-Back
  • Web Activity Campaigns

ESP Review and Migration

  • Demo and Presentation
  • Data Migration and Setup
  • Initial Audit
  • Email Service Provider (ESP) Research

Email Newsletters

  • Tailored Email Campaigns
  • Professional Templates
  • Specials and Service Promotions
  • Email Newsletter List Management

Email Blasts

  • Email List Management
  • Template Design
  • Recommendations
  • Campaign Tracking and Analytics

Email Marketing FAQ's

Email marketing is a type of direct marketing that involves sending out commercial messages via email – effective email marketing is about sending targeted messages to the right people at the right time, to maximize your marketing efforts and achieve your business goals. At ServMark Digital Agency we develop effective email marketing campaigns for your clients.

The top advantage of email marketing is that it has the highest ROI of any marketing strategy. This makes it a cost-effective solution for reaching your prospects and customers in a place they frequently visit — their inbox.

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for a business to reach customers directly. Think about it. You are sending something directly into each person’s inbox, where they will see it. Even if they do not open it, they will still see the subject line and your company’s name each time you send an email, so you are always communicating directly with your audience.

The best way to grow an email subscriber list is to offer your audience an incentive in exchange for signing up to receive your emails. You can put this offer on your site, on your social media pages, on landing pages you create to get people excited – just get the word out, and your leads will automatically qualify themselves by opting in.

The two most important metrics for email marketing are the open rate and the click-through rate. If your emails are not getting opened, subscribers will never see your full marketing message – and if they are opening them, but not clicking through to your website, your emails are not converting.

The most important type of email campaign, and the one that every business should be sending, is a welcome series. Other types of email marketing campaigns include Newsletter emails, Promotional emails, Lead nurturing emails, Email invitations, Survey emails, and Milestone emails (automated birthday and anniversary emails).

Benefits of Partnering with ServMark Digital Agency
for Email Marketing Services for your home services & Remodeling compant

We strive to understand our client’s business goals and base all decisions with those goals in mind. We listen first…then offer lots of great ideas for improvement.

We do business with honesty, and integrity. We do not lie to get your business or sell you services you do not need. We always treat you with kindness and respect.

We start with realistic deadlines, then constantly communicate with our clients on progress so projects launch by the mutually agreed date and stay on schedule throughout their entirety.

You can always see how our digital marketing efforts are increasing your revenue. Our detailed reporting includes 24/7 access to an online client portal, Google Analytics reports, regularly updated keyword rankings, and a monthly breakdown of the tasks we performed.

With our competence and experience, our team can tackle any aspect of your email marketing efforts. We scale your email marketing reach efficiently and affordably, make sure your email campaigns reach the right audience and prompt users to act, making it easy for your company to get more leads and customers. Reap the benefits of a ServMark Digital Agency professionally executed email marketing campaign.

With email marketing we help you build your business, out-do your marketing goals, set your company up for success, and get ahead of your competition without breaking your budget or taking up any of your valuable time. Level up your business. Get started with ServMark Digital Agency email marketing services today. You will absolutely be glad you did.

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