Digital Marketing for Home Services Businesses

Digital Marketing for Home Services Businesses

Search Engine Optimization

Grow Your HOME SERVICES Business Through Search Engine Optimization & Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important part of your digital marketing strategy. SEO can reduce your customer acquisition cost by 87.41%. ServMark Digital Agency designs ideal SEO solutions for your business. Do not let your competitors out rank you on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Level up your service business and get discovered by more potential customers today.

HOME SERVICES SEO That is Perfectly Crafted to Grow Your Business

Engaging in Meaningful Partnerships for Home Services SEO Success

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your website ranked at the top of the search engines organically; then keeping it there. This is accomplished by having high-quality written content, images, and videos on your website. The ongoing benefits of search engine optimization are the reason for SEO ranking as the most effective way to increase awareness, traffic, and grow your online success.

A search engine optimized website is the best way to get the most customers at the lowest cost to your business. In fact, 71% of marketers believe that SEO is the biggest key to online success. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential to market your services, bring in more qualified leads, and grow your business. Increase your search rankings to get your business viewed more online with ServMark Digital Agency SEO marketing services.

How Google Finds and Ranks Home Services SEO Content

Google’s goal is to provide visitors with the most relevant and reliable information about every topic that is searched. So, sites that have the most comprehensive and well-written information, have a high number of visitors, and are linked to the most legitimate and high-ranking websites, are the ones that come up the fastest and rank highest in Google searches.

The primary goal of an SEO strategy is typically to rank high on Google’s organic search results page. Google works in the following stages to find and rank content:

Crawling – Google uses “bots” to crawl the web and look for new or updated web pages. For Google to find a page, the page must have links pointing to it. The more links a page has to it, the easier it is for Google to locate that page.

Indexing – Next, Google analyzes the URLs the bots discover and try to make sense of what the web page is about. Google will look at things like content, images, videos, and other media files. It then stores this information in its database called the Google Index.

Serving – Once Google has assessed URLs, it determines which pages are most relevant to the users’ search queries and organizes them accordingly in the search engine result pages (SERPs).


You publish your Content on your website
Google BOTS crawl your website and analyzes your pages
Google Next Indexes your pages
If your page answers a searches question your page appears in the results

ServMark Home Services SEO Approach

Our SEO company utilizes a proven, efficient, and effective methodology which allows us to build a robust campaign framework that provides value for your business and creates high-quality, measurable results. 

ServMark Digital Agency Home Services SEO approach is built around the following processes:


We take the time to learn your business needs and website purpose then conduct a comprehensive website review. Identify your KPIs, determine your conversion path, and perform extensive keyword research to gain detailed knowledge of your business’ processes and goals.


We take an in-depth look at your historical traffic patterns, on-site technical issues, competitor analysis and backlink strategies, as well as your link building tactics. Then utilize these analytics to formulate the best approach for your SEO strategy.


Our SEO experts identify your marketing gaps as well as opportunities, to create your strategic online marketing plan. We prioritize the most critical aspects of your SEO in the first few months of your campaign to ensure our SEO marketing efforts deliver immediate results.


We optimize your web pages and blog posts, improve your website structure, and manage your business listings. Implement social media management campaigns and reach out to third-party websites to increase your online reach. Our multiple channel strategy improves your overall SEO results.


We monitor your online progress to understand the impact of your SEO campaign. Evaluate your keyword rankings, key performance indicators (KPIs), your organic traffic, bounce rate, conversion rates, local visibility, and click-through rates (CTRs) to improve overall SEO optimization strategies.


Our SEO team schedules monthly reports to keep you updated with your campaign progress. The reports present an overview of your website performance including your key performance indicator (KPI) trends, total traffic, and ranking on search engines.


Trust our experienced team to make continuous improvements on your SEO strategy. Based on the latest Google search engine algorithm updates and market trends we continuously adjust our SEO optimization strategies. We take a proactive approach to ensure your website ranks high on search results.

Core SEO Focus Areas

Our proven SEO techniques & strategies result in success for our clients.

Innovative Strategies

Our innovative strategies have demonstrated success in helping our clients navigate the often-overwhelming world of digital marketing. We address your goals and objectives using the best practices technology, and products available.

Authoritative Content

We develop content that is unique, informative, demonstrates subject expertise, providing the right level of depth for your target audience, while establishing you and your company as a trusted authority in your industry and in the community you serve.

Link Building

Our link building solutions are designed to increase the number of high-quality sites that link to your webpages. Gaining your business online visibility, improving your search ranking and bringing your website more traffic, leads, and customers to grow your business.

Reputation Management

Make a great first impression with your prospects. Gain customer trust and drive your business successfully forward. Take charge of your reputation online. Build a positive image for your company with ServMark Digital Agency reputation management service.

Google Analytics

ServMark Digital Agency will accurately track your online performance with Google Analytics services that will empower you to make better, more accurate, data-driven decisions to help move your business forward profitably.

Website Visitor Growth

The overall success of your company is our primary goal. We have assembled the most current, successful digital marketing strategies to drive more visitor traffic to your website, to increase leads, customers and sales.

SEO Services

Start ranking on Google immediately, get more traffic, more calls and more sales with ServMark Digital Agency content-driven SEO services that deliver results every time.

Keyword Search & Strategy

We understand your niche and boost your ranking for specific search terms. We review the keywords your website is currently ranking for then conduct additional keyword research to build a list that makes the most sense for your business.

Local SEO Services by ServMark Digital

Local SEO

We improve your local SEO rankings on Google My Business. We optimize your Google My Business profile, manage your online reputation, build directory citations, grow your local following, and attract new customers to your business.

Technical SEO

Back-end website optimization such as fixed errors, faster page upload speed, and easier user navigation make it simpler on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to crawl your website and enhance your rankings dramatically so you can draw in more customers..

Conversion Rate Optimization

We run website analyses, landing page optimization, and A/B testing. Then we integrate our valuable SEO services with Pay-Per-Click marketing to maximize your conversion rates, increase your customers’ lifetime value, and grow your revenue.

Link Building

Backlinks tell search engines your website is a credible source of information and are a huge component of ranking higher in search results. Our SEO team has connections with relevant websites to increase your rankings, acquire more referral traffic, and gain more customers.

On-Page SEO

Our SEO services align with search engines’ best practices to improve your website’s credibility. We publish unique, valuable content, optimize your headlines and HTML tags, utilize high-resolution images and videos to increase your online visibility and gain quality traffic.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page optimization creates brand credibility and increases online exposure. We leverage social media marketing, link building, and influencer marketing to generate qualified links and positive ratings which help you establish industry expertise and gain more customers.

Content Writing

Our team of expert writers produce SEO-friendly content for your website, in the forms of blog posts, optimizing pre-existing pages, or creating brand new webpages. Search engines like Google prioritize a website that adds and updates content on a regular basis.

Google Local Search

Local search refers to results returned from Google with geo-targeted keywords that are picked up as having local intent. Since 2009, Google has shown local search results for generic searches, meaning users no longer need to include a city, state, or zip code in their search to be shown local results.

Local SEO strategies are techniques designed to achieve increased visibility for businesses in a specific area or region. If you advertise services that are geo-targeted, local search optimization is a MUST. ServMark Digital Agency optimizes your local search listings greatly increasing the chances of bringing in new customers directly to your business.

Home Services Local SEO Success

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing the local search visibility of a business or service within a geographic area. 

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo use the user’s IP address (for desktop) and geolocation (for mobile) to determine what results to show when someone performs a local search for a specific business or service relevant to their location. 

Let ServMark Digital Agency connect your business with high-intent customers in your local market with our proven local search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns.


94% of users skip search ads and go straight to organic results


85% of clicks on search engines occur in organic search results

Progress Bar

68% of all user's online experiences begin with a search engine


85% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps


32% is the average click-through rate of the top page listed in a Google search

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75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engine results

Google My Business Profile

In a recent post, Google announced the change of the  Google “My Business” (GMB) name to Google “Business Profile” (GBP).

Google Business Profile (formerly) Google My Business provides you with the ability to list your business on local search results and on Google Maps. You can display valuable information about your business, including customer reviews, pictures, the opening/closing times, contact details, a link to your website and social media pages. More recently, Google has also released a new feature allowing you to post a link to articles or coming events. The GBP listing is free and should be regarded as a necessity by all businesses.

Ultimate Digital Marketing Success Checklist

Benefits of an optimized Google Business Profile listing

Setting up your Google Business Profile (GBP) listing is one of the simplest and most effective ways for setting your business up to be found online. Today, search queries are more geographically specific, and Google’s algorithms are developed to consider user intent.

As an example, you have probably done a Google search such as, ‘places to eat near me’, if so then you’ll notice that Google returns a list of three locations where you can eat based on your current location. The three businesses shown have a Google Business Profile page and are one step closer to attracting you as a customer. If these businesses did not have an optimized GBP page, they would not have shown up in the search results. Think about this in the context of your business.

As Google makes regular changes to its algorithms, if you want to be found in local search results you need to have an optimized Google Business Profile listing.

Improved Local SEO Rankings

An optimized Google Business Profile (GBP) listing is your best friend when it comes to acquiring traffic. When people search for local businesses in their area, Google will rank your business based on geographic proximity and relevance to that search. Google will also look at the activity on your GBP profile and the quality of the information you provide, which are all ranking factors for local search results. A poorly optimized Google Business Profile will rank lower than one kept active and full of high-quality, relevant content for your potential customers.

Increased Engagement

Today, Google search results are more optimized than ever for the user’s search intent. Meaning potential customers often do not have to enter actual websites to get the information they need – it is all there on the search result page. To compete in these “zero-click searches”, you must have an optimized Google Business Profile which enables users to have more interactions with your profile (sometimes even more than with your website) and, ultimately, more conversions into customers.

Get more business with SEO Services from ServMark Digital

More Customers

If you do not have an optimized Google Business Profile, your potential customers will see your location on Google Maps and perhaps read your customer reviews. But when your GBP listing is managed actively and consistently, it becomes a much more effective tool for customer acquisition. An optimized Google Business Profile will let searchers accept your exclusive offers, book appointments, research your service offerings, and more – all often without having to visit your website at all. So, the path to attaining more customers gets shorter.

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How ServMark Digital Agency Does Local SEO for Home Services Businesses

The ServMark Digital Agency team works to ensure companies have high visibility for their service offerings in the Google Local Pack, and organic search results. We use a range of local SEO techniques including on-page optimization, content optimization and content creation.

Plus, technical SEO components such as name, address, and phone number (NAP) schema are all applied on the website. Off-page focuses on Google Business Profile (GBP) claiming, optimization and ongoing GBP management.

Additional strategies include business listing syndication, data aggregator submissions, GPS mapping apps, and in-dash navigation distribution. While we do not respond to reviews on behalf of our clients, we do provide them with reputation management solutions to make it easier to respond, and easier to gather more reviews. Our goal is to provide affordable local SEO solutions for your business’ needs.

Our goal is to always provide affordable local SEO solutions for your business’ needs.

Search Engine Optimization FAQ's

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the process of improving your site’s organic traffic and ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, and others.

This includes creating high-quality content in addition to monitoring your site’s technical health, gaining links from other sites to your website, maintaining your site’s local search presence, and more.

Traditional SEO strategies focus on optimizing for keywords and keyword phrases. Local SEO strategies focus on optimizing for keywords and keyword phrases – and location queries. To place in search queries, a business website needs both types.

SEO is important because it helps boost the online visibility of your business. Paid advertising and social media also help with visibility, but the beauty of SEO is that it can continue to bring traffic over time if set up correctly.

So, search engine optimization brings “free” traffic to your site. If you publish high-quality pages that answer a user’s query, they can appear at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs). This is an excellent place for searchers to become familiar with your website and business.

Additional reasons to prioritize SEO. It can:
– Bring conversions
– Get you more leads
– Encourage sales

Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy. For your strategy to be successful, you must implement a holistic SEO strategy, including both on-page and off-page optimization. Some efforts will pay off in the short term after implementation. Typical examples are changing meta titles and headings or improving the content on a few pages.

Other efforts, such as implementing Schema markup on pages, creating a substantial volume of informative content, building authoritative links, or attracting positive reviews, take time and pay off in the long term.

No single thing will revolutionize the performance of your SEO strategy. All the elements work together, and it is the combination of all the signals Google reads that will make the needle move forward for you. Your best bet is to base your content strategy on the right keywords, create consistent content, optimize for local and technical SEO, and be ready to pivot your strategy as necessary based on performance.

Benefits of Partnering with ServMark Digital
for Home Services SEO

We strive to understand our client’s business goals and base all decisions with those goals in mind. We listen first…then offer lots of great ideas for improvement.

We do business with honesty, and integrity. We do not lie to get your business or sell you services you do not need. We always treat you with kindness and respect.

We start with realistic deadlines, then constantly communicate with our clients on progress so projects launch by the mutually agreed date and stay on schedule throughout their entirety.

You can always see how our digital marketing efforts are increasing your revenue. Our detailed reporting includes 24/7 access to an online client portal, Google Analytics reports, regularly updated keyword rankings, and a monthly breakdown of the tasks we performed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the skill of being found on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. ServMark Digital Agency helps hundreds of clients and provides optimization solutions to Google’s ever-changing algorithm generating new leads for your business as a direct result of our SEO efforts.

With our SEO services, we help you build your business, out-do your marketing goals, set your company up for success, and get ahead of your competition, without breaking your budget or taking up any of your valuable time. Level up your business. Get started with ServMark Digital Agency SEO service today. You will absolutely be glad you did.

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